Review: Knight’s End by Jami Montgomery

Knight's EndI first happened upon this novel while perusing the teen/young adult writing website (which, sadly, no longer exists) some time ago (before it was sold to another site and all that jazz). I’ve always enjoyed historical fiction and after scanning the description, happily started reading. I remember being immediately drawn in by the prologue.

Now, some time later (now that the author has self-published the book), I still find it pleasantly intriguing. Within the pages, we find the tales of a once-celebrated, now wanted knight named Aston Smith; Jade du Halen, a pampered yet determined runaway princess; a  notorious murderer known as The Rogue Royal, who sets his sights on corrupt monarchs; and a self-preserving prince named Talbot. The story generally follows the growing romance between Aston and Jade as they pursue The Rogue Royal in order to clear Aston’s name from the wanted list, but many conflicts meet them along the way and threaten to halt the journey of this determined pair. And, of course, in a world already laden with corruption and scandal, everyone is bound to have more than a few secrets … ones that could either strengthen or destroy all parties involved.

I did notice some grammatical and formatting errors here and there, but for me, they didn’t distract from the story. In general, they were easily overlooked. One thing I will say, though, is that I think the author could expand greatly on this story. There were some parts that I felt were rushed, and I would personally like to see the ending drawn out more–it would add to the already suspenseful string of events. And speaking of the ending … I still can’t decide if I loved or hated the cliff-hanger Ms. Montgomery left us with, but I will certainly say that it was unexpected.

And like Jade, I have a few guesses as to who the criminal at the end of the story is, but I’ll just have to wait for the next book in the series to see if my suspicions are correct. And you’ll have to pick up a copy of Knight’s End to find out what shocking crime this nameless criminal committed.

Later days, my friends!

-H. D. Hunter


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